McDonald's Signs a New Sports Legend

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McDonald's has had great success with celebrity partnerships, as longtime customers know.

Gen X recalls the McJordan, a Chicago-only burger with pickles, onion, bacon, and barbeque sauce. Michael Jordan's fame was soaring at the moment, and whatever he did made people swoon.

It took McDonald's until 2020 to launch another celebrity-named dish, Travis Scott's, for which he was paid $20 million.

Fast food firm deliberately chose influencers to market its meals in previous years. It went out to emerging talents like BTS, Saweetie, and J Balvin to advertise their meals at McDonald's.

McDonald's isn't only watching influencers. Last year it also announced a partnership with FaZe Clan (FAZE) , an esports organisation that started off as a

YouTube channel where the first three members showed off their skills in the popular video game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare."

It also developed Friendsgaming, encouraging gamers to watch FaZe Clan Twitch streams and consume Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. FaZe's "Member for a Day" event was also attended.

McDonald's promises "content activations that highlight the different tales of FaZe Clan members" this year.

By collaborating with FaZe Clan and current celebs like BTS, Travis Scott, and Saweetie, McDonald's proves it's up to date on Gen Z's tastes.

The fast food business knows that selling burgers to today's customers isn't that different from how it got Michael Jordan fans to queue up for the McJordan meal in the '80s.

Celebrities continue to thrill and inspire people. McDonald's decision to connect itself with today's finest singers and sports is smart and will certainly pay dividends.

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