McDonald's Offering Major Savings On These Items

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Summer has been scorching. McDonald's is here to help you celebrate back-to-school season and getting the kids out of the home.

So, what's served? A list of discounts that will keep you visiting Mickey D's daily. And there's additional credit.

On Monday, August 15, a $1.01 McChicken will start off Syllabus Week.

On Tuesday, a Chicken or Sausage McGriddle and Large Coffee are $2.01, and McNuggets are $3.01.

The week ends with McDonald's Big Mac and Medium Fries for $4.01.

Taking advantage of all four discounts will earn you double MyMcDonald's Rewards bonus points on your next order between August 22 and 31. Being smart pays off.

McDonald's planned digital promotions (like this one) but will eventually move away from a consistent countrywide discount menu.

You must target value. As we become digital, items in various locations have different elasticity. I like that we can be more focused in how we offer value.

While it may still offer discounts like 2 for $6 or Buy One Get One, the burger giant plans to make the customer experience more personalised and

transfer pricing up to franchisees, which may make value choices appear different throughout the US.

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