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McDonald’s Menu Adds Two New Items

McDonald's hasn't added a Pumpkin Spice Big Mac, thankfully. Yes, it will add the now-cliched fall taste to its McCafe Menu, but that's hardly innovative.

McDonald's has issued an autumn menu modification that references their All-Day Breakfast.

Cheese danishes will be sold starting Sept. 14. Cream cheese fills and drizzles the pastry.

"The Cheese danish is a fresh spin on a pastry McDonald's initially sold in the '80s," the firm claimed in a press statement.

McDonald's dessert menu includes McFlurry ice creams, cookies, and apple pie.

Some fans are still furious that the business bakes rather than fries its pies, but it's a huge deal when it introduces a new taste.

The pumpkin and creme pie has a sugar-coated turnover-style crust with pumpkin and creme fillings.

The fall treat is provided at certain locations on an opt-in basis while supplies last.

McDonald's takes a more methodical approach than rivals like Yum! Brands' (YUM) Taco Bell and Restaurant Brands International's (QSR) Burger King.

Burger King may offer a Halloween Whopper and Taco Bell a Mexican Thanksgiving. McDonald's will be straightforward.

It may add a unique menu item this autumn, but it will likely be conservative compared to competition.

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