McDonald's Menu Adds A New Big Mac In US


Fast-food restaurant hasn't developed hundreds of unique variants of its namesake sandwich like Burger King does with the Whopper.

Burger King had a distinctive sandwich before McDonald's. Before the Whopper hit Burger King in 1957, both had simple options based on execution.

Early on, neither chain had limited-time discounts or new permanent menu items. Burger King and McDonald's both aimed to give a consistent burger, fries, and Coke experience.

That changed when Burger King now owned by Restaurant Brands International fell behind its competition and created the Whopper in 1955.

You'd think the sandwich's popularity would have spurred McDonald's to create a premium burger, but the Big Mac didn't debut until 1967.

When it arrived, the Big Mac was an instant hit. The chain has avoided providing versions as Burger King did with the Whopper.

A Chicken Mac has appeared plausible since chicken joined McDonald's menu, but it was unclear if the burger will utilize fried, grilled, or both chicken patties.

Well, that amount of variety hasn't been available, but the Chicken Mac, a favourite in the UK, has finally made it to the U.S.

The Chicken Big Mac will be tested in Miami in August 2022.

"The Chicken Big Mac is a Big Mac with chicken patties," the website said.

If the test goes well, McDonald's will expand Chicken Big Macs. After its success in the U.K., McDonald's tried the McPlant in the U.S. but didn't roll it out nationwide.

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