McDonald's McHack Is Going Viral

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Inflation has raised the cost of shopping and eating out, so more people are choosing fast food as the cheapest choice.

McDonald's Get Free Report traffic grew 4.7% and 3.1% in July and August, despite restaurant visits falling 7.6% and 13.7%. Chipotle Get Free Report's October foot traffic grew 5.5%.

Many fast-food customers also want promotions and meal packages. For years, $5 has separated "excellent deals" from ordinary menu items.

Subway, a private sandwich business, recently discontinued its $5 Footlong deal, while Burger King, owned by

Restaurant Brands International Get Free Report, has alternated between the $5 and $6 Your Way Deals to customer ridicule.

One man accidentally became popular for posting an under-the-table exploit he found while using the app. Most fast-food chains feature a dollar menu.

"This is McDonald's $1.79 bargain lunch," Southern-accented TikToker Ryan Hufford says in the video. "I'll show you."

Hufford shows his ticket and says he used 6,000 loyalty points to buy a Happy Meal but changed it to a big meal with two patties in the cheeseburger.

Hufford claims the change charges $1.79 for the extra burger and drink while retaining points. Hufford ends the video with "Thanks." "You're McHacked."

Hufford's TikTok video received over 700,000 views and 33,000 likes, with some users praising his creativity and others criticising him for bragging about gaming the platform.

"You gave out your secret," remarked Kevin.f under Hufford's video. "McCorrect this hack."

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