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McDonald's Make Major Changes to Menu

It's never a good thing to think that your favorite item on McDonald's menu could be taken off the menu. 

After all, many fans are still upset about the sad loss of the Snack Wrap in 2021 or the popular Szechuan Sauce, which was only available for a short time in March 2022.

When McDonald's goes through a major restructuring in 2023, they may have to cut items from the menu in order to make the company run more efficiently and smoothly.

In a note to employees from January that just came to light, CEO Chris Kempczinski talked about his concerns with the way the company is run now.

He was especially upset about what he saw as the unnecessary duplication of some menu items at McDonald's restaurants all over the world.

According to the Financial Times, Kempczinski said in the note, "We had 70 different, unique ideas of what a crispy chicken sandwich would look like around the world." 

Even though every McDonald's in the world has staples like the Big Mac and french fries, many of them offer unique items that can't be found anywhere else. 

This week, McDonald's is said to have shut down its headquarters from Monday to Wednesday in order to let go of an unknown number of corporate staff.

McDonald's hasn't given an official reason for the rumored layoffs, but its "Accelerating the Organization" pillar was part of its "Accelerating the Arches" plan for growth.

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