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McDonald's Just Shut Down Its Offices

McDonald's is the undisputed king of fast food, but the company won't rest on its laurels for long. In 2023, it plans to grow and improve the brand even more.

But the latest change that seems to be happening at McDonald's as it tries to grow won't be good news for some of its employees.

As part of a major restructuring, the brand is rumored to be planning to let go of some corporate staff. 

This week, the company temporarily closed its offices in the United States so that employees who didn't make the cut could be told remotely.

Kempczinski didn't say exactly how many jobs could be lost, but he did say that he thought the restructuring would save money. 

 The Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald's said in February that it employs more than 150,000 people around the world

McDonald's is reportedly moving forward with its plans to let go of an unknown number of employees now that April has started. 

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, citing an internal company email, that the chain told workers in the U.S.

McDonald's said in the message that important decisions about roles and staffing levels will be shared with the whole company during the week of April 3.

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