Is Launching a New Bakery Item

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McDonald's impending fall McCafé Bakery expansion may be precisely what you're yearning.

McDonald's will start offering the Cheese Danish on September 14. This all-day McCafé addition combines pastry, cheese, and vanilla.

Flaky pastry is filled with cream cheese and topped with streusel and vanilla. The Danish is a remixed version of a McDonald's pastry from the 1980s.

McDonald's has always been reticent to offer baked items. McDonald's hadn't added a new pastry to its menu in over a decade before unveiling the McCafé Bakery in 2020.

Recently, McDonald's has been more open to novel pastries.

McDonald's brought back the limited-time Glazed Pull Apart Donut this year after consumers adored it last year. Cheese Danish may return if customers enjoy it.

McDonald's, a fast-food giant, didn't sell breakfast for decades. In 1970, Pittsburgh franchisee Jim Delligatti started offering doughnuts and sweet buns at his McDonald's.

Local success led to a 1977 countrywide breakfast menu expansion. Ten years later, McDonald's served one in four non-homemade U.S. breakfasts.

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