McDonald's Is Handing Out Major Burger Deals This Weekend


As the sun's rays scorch the earth's surface, we ponder what's for lunch. McDonald's has us covered.

McDonald's has been offering summer promotions as part of its Camp McDonald's promotion.

The 27-day virtual experience through the McDonald's app includes meal discounts, unique merch drops, and virtual concerts by prominent bands.

This week's "Self-Care Summer" theme includes a skincare product release and a virtual performance with Omar Apollo on Sunday.

This weekend's menu: Friday, McDonald's app users may get a free Double Cheeseburger with a $1 purchase. Saturday, the company will offer 2 Quarter Pounders for $5.

The promotions are only redeemable through the chain's app, and experience shows us that patience is a virtue with Mickey D's freebies.

Camp McDonald's started out difficult. On day one, buyers waited in a virtual queue for hours to receive a Grimace-shaped pool float, but were disappointed.

Disgruntled campers rushed to Twitter to complain about the burger chain's app and stock. Hopefully, McDonald's has worked out the kinks by week two.

These new blitz marketing and celebrity collaborations appear like a strategy to pacify patrons while eateries peel back existing value packages.

Inflation is prompting many operators to eliminate soda and other cold beverages off the Dollar Menu, making it a relic of the past.

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