McDonald's Brings Back a Popular Sandwich

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Since customers at McDonald's enjoyed this burger so much, the chain has decided to bring it back for a second performance.

It is not uncommon for fast food businesses to try out new goods by adding them to their menus in a variety of different ways.

One includes testing new products at a limited number of "test restaurants" to evaluate if they should be released nationally.

This is excellent for those who live near those establishments, but a shame for those of us who don't.

In another strategy, fast food chains launch new goods nationally for a limited period. This allows businesses to achieve the same thing as the previous strategy.

But adds the appeal of being restricted, which drives customers into a FOMO-fueled frenzy where they feel they must try the shiny new product.

In April, McDonald's Japan released a premium burger. The Samurai Mac is topped with cheddar cheese, crunchy sliced onions, and soy-flavored teriyaki sauce.

The Triple Samurai added a third beef patty, making it a formidable option for any dinner. It was a popular alternative that consumers were sad to see leave after its brief run.

Now it's returning on August 24, but for only two weeks.

Some McDonald's test items fail (RIP McPlant), while others succeed. Award-winning actor Masato Sakai appears in Warrior Mac advertising as a samurai.

McDonald's continues to enjoy great success from its limited edition approach.

The chain might find initial success if the Samurai Mac was introduced on the permanent menu, but demand diminishes when an item is always accessible.

There's greater excitement and free exposure when these culinary items are special guests.

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