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Makeups To Cover Spider Veins

You Will Need

Body makeup
Sunless tanning lotion
Eyeliner makeup brush
Waterproof concealer
Makeup sponge
Airbrush leg sprays

1. Applying Sunless Tanner

Hand-apply a tiny amount of sunless tanning lotion to both legs. Rub carefully until the lotion is fully absorbed. Lotion dries slowly.

Let it dry and wash your hands. Choose a light to medium sunless tanning lotion that matches your skin tone to avoid looking false.

2. Body Makeup

Take a leg-matching body makeup bottle. After the lotion dries, apply body cosmetics to legs with a sponge or fingers.

Apply light body makeup to the entire varicose vein leg. Spread body makeup evenly across the lower thigh up to the knee if the veins are visible.

3. Waterproof concealer

Put a thin eyeliner brush in a waterproof concealer container. Concealers should be lighter than body makeup. Find a color corrector that matches your skin tone.

Before using a skin-tone concealer, color correction is necessary. Although being phased out, some concealers must cover dark regions without neutralization.

4. Blending Concealer

Concealer should be blended like body makeup. To blend concealer into skin, softly dab it with a cosmetic sponge or finger.

Blend the concealer so the varicose veins are invisible. Translucent powder sets makeup to prevent it from moving.

5. Smaller Vein Aerosol Leg-Spray

Use an aerosol leg spray to hide minor varicose veins instead of makeup. Airbrush legs sell this product.

First, spray it on the varicose veins and gently rub it in. Dry it thoroughly before dressing.

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