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Makeup Tricks To Hide Your Double Chin

Dress formally

How can what you wear tell what shape your chin is? But clothes are important. Don't draw attention to your double chin.

Show off your throat, neck, and collarbones. That's it? Shirts with scoop necks. A scoop neck shows off your neck and shoulders. It also goes well with dress pants.

Hairstyle Is Important

Don't get cuts that make your hair fall on your neck or double chin. Your neck hair makes your double chin look even bigger.

People are urged to wear their hair in high ponytails. Try getting a bob. No more hard cuts in the morning.

Become Cheeky

Don't take things at face value. Makeup should bring out your eyes and cheeks. Use makeup that is soft.

Use blush upwards to make your cheeks stand out. Since the eyes and lips are more noticeable, the double chin is less visible.

Lips Can Lie

Change your look with the color of your lips. Lip color is important here. A double chin can be hidden by bold lip colors like dark red, brown, etc. Use shiny lip gloss.

Establish Your Jaw Line

You could also cheat by drawing a line along your mouth. How? Use bronzer. Go over the chin with it. Bronzer with a gold tone looks good on people with light or dark skin.

Rose-colored makeup looks good on light skin. Your double chin is less noticeable when you draw attention to your face.

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