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Makeup Tricks If You Have Gray Hair

Emphasize one facial feature

Less is more—especially in cosmetics. My best cosmetic suggestion for gray hair is to highlight one feature.

Ace your foundation

Applying makeup correctly is crucial. First, prepare skin well. Moisturize and apply eye cream. Moisturized skin enhances makeup.

Carefully approach foundation. Makeup gets into hair easily and shows. Silver and naturally white or gray hair are porous,

Silver and naturally white or gray hair are porous, so even if you accidentally brush your foundation brushes or sponge into your hair, it will show.

Make your brows stand out

Your brows gray when your hair does. Fill them in since they frame your face. Starting with your hair color before the grey, choose a lighter version, like a mild highlight.

Avoid using bright colors

Dark colors contrast with lighter hair. I'm a firm believer in wearing whatever color you like,

but if a client thinks black eyeliner or mascara clashes with their silver hair, I recommend brown, which may still make an effect.

Finally, add a lip

Lipstick completes every appearance. Luckily, there are numerous colors. Pink and gray are lovely together.

Depending on your undertone, a coral or nude pink or a cool pink, coral, or even a light berry or mauve (for cooler undertones) may work well.

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