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Makeup Tips To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger Using Eyeliner

hydrate your eyes

Eyes should be moisturized and brows should be trimmed. Dark circles can be concealed with concealer and a compact. I didn't utilize any because of my recent early-sleeping habit.

Use an eye primer

Primer for the eyes. This is an optional step. This is great for me since I have oily lids and it keeps my eye liner/shadow from creasing.

Incorporate Primer

Mix the primer thoroughly. The eye primer from Makeup Academy mixes incredibly well.

Make an Arc Using Eyeliner

Make a rough line with your eyeliner. Using Maybelline Gel Eyeliner and a small brush, I created an arc.

Fill In The Blanks

With the thin-tip eyeliner brush, fill in the space. I'm using a little brush to get a clean line in the inner corners.

In the outside corner, thicken the eyeliner

Above, the outside corner is narrower than the inner corner. Our line curves. I thickened outer corner eyeliner with a large brush.

Apply lower lashline eyeliner

Using the same brush, create a "V" shape on the lower lash line by drawing eyeliner inwards from the outside end of the upper lash line.

At Some Point, Stop

Maintain the same eyeliner line as before, but without thickening it in the inner corner. I almost completely ignored the tear duct area.

Mascara and curling

Simply curl your lashes and apply mascara. Basicare Eyelash Curler and L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara were applied.

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