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Makeup Tips For Oblong Faces

Shade and shorten

Makeup should achieve the optimum oval on an oblong face, making your face appear shorter and wider.

Blend a darker pressed powder or matte bronzer along the hairline at the top of the forehead. Apply the same bronzer on your chin. The face will appear shorter as a result.

Contour with bronzer

Then, to expand the face, emphasis the cheekbones. Bronzer should be applied slightly beneath the cheekbones in the hollow, then blended up and out toward the hairline

Bronzer shapes the jaw, temples, and hairline to soften an oblong face's large forehead. Highlight the chin and cheekbones.

Highlight your cheeks

To highlight the cheeks, use a fluffy brush to apply blush exclusively to the apples in a circular motion.

To complete the face expansion, use a light highlighter or luminous powder to the highest sections of the cheek.

Play up your eyes

By emphasizing your beautiful features, you can conceal an irregular, oblong face shape. Cat eye makeup, bold eyeshadow colors, and dramatic lashes can all help to

draw attention to your eyes. Soften angular features by extending your brows outward toward your temples.

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