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Makeup Tips For Big Eyes

Smokey Eyes

A dark chocolate brown or plum liner with a shadow on top will last longer and appear softer than liquid black eyeliner.

Big eyes don't require new colors or techniques. Colors are also more appealing.

Apply colours like greys or rich chestnut on the top of your lid and back into the hollow of the eye to create drama. After that, use a smudge brush to fade the colors off your lashline.

Dark Eye Shadow

Darker eyeshadow makes eyes appear smaller. Dark colors shrink space. Pale hues enhance facial characteristics.

To give your eyes a shadow impression, choose lighter hues. To contour and exaggerate your eyes, apply complimentary darker eyelid colors.

Dark eye makeup looks fantastic with the darkest rim line. Thin, close-to-lash lining is best. Heavy lines narrow the eye.

A tiny lower lash shadow adds drama. Thin lines also seem natural. Highlight your bottom eyelashes to emphasize your bulging eyes.

False Lashes

For dramatic wide eyes, use a strip of natural artificial lashes. However—and this is our favorite part—curl both your natural and synthetic lashes before applying them.

Before applying artificial lashes, apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes. The color and thickness make artificial lashes seem more real.

For enlarging eyes, an eyelash curler is the most important cosmetic item for women. This will split your lashes and give them the proper fold for a bigger look.

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