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Makeup Hack That Uses Cheap Masquerade Masks

Dollar stores, party supply stores, and online retailers provide cheap cloth masquerade masks.

To lie flat against your face, get a cotton mask. Choose a lace mask pattern you like and pay attention to the negative space (gaps in the fabric) to finish your makeup.

Align and smooth the mask. These masks have ribbons that tie behind your head for a snug fit. Apply eyeshadow after the mask.

If you want color, try other shades. After removing the mask, you'll have stunning, complex eye makeup.

This cosmetic hack is simple, but you can improve it by choosing materials. A mask that reaches outward and upward past your eyes will guide your eye makeup to raise your face.

Use a soft, fine-bristled eye shadow brush to reach all the mask's crevices. Brightly colored eye shadow powders give the best results.

Choose two or three adjacent hues on the color wheel, such as blue and green or purple and pink, to produce a gradient effect.

The masquerade mask design and products you employ will affect this makeup trick's outcome.

You can paint the mask's eyelids, temples, cheekbones, and nasal bridge. You can also fill in simply the mask's eyelids and temples.

This masquerade mask method will become your summer go-to for celebratory makeup.

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