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Makeup For Thin And Overlarge Lips

1. First, apply lip liner just a little bit beyond of your natural lip line,

and then delicately smudge the color with your other fingers using your ring finger so that it seems more natural.

2. After that, apply a lip color that is darker to the lower lip and a lip color that is lighter to the upper lip,

3. and then blend everything together using a lip brush that has been washed and sanitized extremely well.

4. You can create the illusion that your lips are thinner than they actually are by outlining them with a lip liner that has a natural skin tone.

5. It's possible that the matte nude lipstick will appeal to you.

6. This will help in absorbing any light that may be present and will give the impression of softer lips.

7. When it comes to applying makeup to the face, it is best to do a thick smokey eye or

highlight the cheek area in order to divert attention away from the overly large size of the lips.

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