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Makeup For Olive Skin Tone

1. Foundation

Most foundations are available in cold, warm, and neutral shades.

Foundations with a neutral undertone can be used on olive skin. After applying foundation, conceal any skin imperfections.

2. Blushes

Peach, pink, bronze, and sparkling blushes look fantastic on olive complexion. Pale, cool-toned, and pastel blushes may make your skin appear green.

3. Highlighter

Olive skin is notoriously difficult to highlight. Pale highlighters might make you appear ashy or powdery. Choose golden highlighters over pale ones.

4. Lipsticks

Look for lipstick colors that go well with your green skin. With berry and brown lipsticks, olive skin looks gorgeous.

Darker berry or brown tones with chocolate undertones are ideal. Nude lipsticks should be brownish rather than rosy.

Avoid red lipsticks with blue undertones and instead choose for orange or yellow.

5. Eyeshadow

Gold and golden eyeshadows look great on olive complexion. Use deep blue and purple eyeshadows for a smoky eye. Mascara can help you define your lashes.

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