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Makeup For Brown Eyes

1. Plum Eyeshadow

You Will Need: Brown eyeshadow
Plum eyeshadow
Dark purple eyeshadow

Use a pink-toned brown transition colour in the crease. Apply plum on the middle and inner eyelid. Blend dark purple in the outside corner. Eyeliner and mascara.

2. Dark Green Eyeshadow

You Will Need: Warm brown eyeshadow or tint
Dark green eyeshadow
Black eyeshadow

Transition the crease with a warm brown eye color. Cover the eyelid in dark green. Blacken the corner. Eyeliner and mascara.

3. Gray Eyeshadow

You Will Need: Soft brown eyeshadow
Gray eyeshadow
Black eyeliner
Silver eyeliner

Use a gentle brown crease transition shade. Blend gray eyeshadow on your eyelid. Finish with a winged liner and silver line below the wing. Apply mascara.

4. Gold Eyeshadow

You Will Need: Brown eyeshadow
Gold eyeshadow
Black gel liner

1. Brown eyeshadow in the crease and brow bone. Mix thoroughly. Apply thick winged liner.

2. Blend the gold and black on the remainder of the eyelid. Use a clean liner brush to cover the crease. This cut crease makeup effect requires a sharp line. Wing out the concealer well.

3. Apply mascara and smoke out the bottom lashes.

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