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Major ‘80s Makeup Trends We Still Love Today

Pretty in Pink Lips

Christie Brinkley is an 80s superstar, so her vivid pink lip is inspiring. This is an excellent ’80s beauty trend neutral-lovers who aren't ready for the decade's dramatic looks.

Pink and Purple Only

Debbie Harry popularized the "blush on your eyes" style decades before TikTok. I love color, so I’m excited that colorful eyeshadow is trending again.

Blushing Beauty

In the 1980s, blush matched eyeshadow defined cheekbones. Debbie Harry, Madonna, and Iman wore draping, an 80s cosmetics style.

The Bold and the Beautiful Brows

Since Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford started the style in the 1980s, strong eyes and brows have seen many variations.

Statement Shadow

We love Cher's 1970s and 1980s beauty looks, especially her bright eyeshadow from lash line to eyebrow. Try this look at home using colorful eyeshadow.

Electric Blue Eyeliner

Electric eyeliner follows the 1980s' blue trend. This colour suits almost everyone regardless of skin tone or hair color.

Pops of Neon

Neon hues on lips and eyelids ruled ’80s fashion and beauty. Copy Boy George's neon pink shadow and shiny pink lip. He rocked the frightening combo.

Colored Mascara

Cyndi Lauper was famous for her wardrobe and cosmetics, including her orange smokey eye with purple mascara and a glossy red lip. Color was entrancing.

Ready to Rock

Rockstar appearance? This 1980s combination wins. Cher, with her spiky purple mullet and pink smokey eyes and lips, was a glam rock queen pioneer.

Metallic Lips

Jane Seymour's shiny fuchsia lip makes this trend feel accessible and chic. Lining lips before putting metallic lipstick and keeping eye makeup modest.

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