Magical Makeup Tips To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

A good mascara may quickly make your eyes appear larger and thicker. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and Clinique High Impact Mascara provide volume.

Thank You for Your Eyebrows

Most people believe that using black kohl or kajals results in bigger eyes. On the opposite. Dark black kajal contracts and closes the eyelids.

Bid Farewell to Puffiness

Eyelash curlers are the sports cars of ladies. Cup the lashes closer to the roots in the curler for larger eyes.

Say No to Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Line only the outside third of the bottom lashline. To soften, smudge or brush it. Make an eyelid line close to the lashes.

Eye Shadow in a Light Neutral Color

This is an important step. With black liner, tightline the top water line. This thickens the lashes and opens the eyes.

Tightline Upper Water Level

Make use of contouring. Light colors reflect light, whereas darker colors reject light. Light colors towards the middle of the eyelids grab attention.

Make A Low-Key Statement With Your Eyeliner

Concealing dark circles will not make your eyes bigger, but it will make them less obvious. This is a critical stage.

Curly and fluttery lashes

The key to beautiful eyes is to nurture yourself on a daily basis. Eyelids that are swollen may seem tiny. This lowers puffiness around the eyes.

The Effect of Being Naked

Eyebrows are important. Maintain brows by visiting the salon on a regular basis. Consider your eye shape.

Sacred Mascara

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