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low impact exercises for abs and glutes

Plank with Leg Raise

First up is the plank with leg raise, an ultra-effective low-impact exercise for simultaneously working your abdominal muscles and glutes.

To begin, assume a plank position on your forearms, ensuring your elbows and shoulders are stacked, and your feet are straight behind you.

Toe touches are another fantastic core exercise that's easy on the joints.

Toe Touches

Raise your legs slowly until your hips form a right angle. Keep your knees from bending.

Next up is the clamshell bridge, a low-impact lower-body exercise that will engage your obliques while helping sculpt your glutes.

Clamshell Bridge

Lower your knees toward the floor and out to the sides, keeping your feet together. 

This unique movement sees all your limbs moving at the same time to get a solid burn in the abs and glutes.

Dead Bugs

Lower your right arm as you straighten and lower your left leg simultaneously down toward the mat.

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