Lemonade Nail Trend Is Refreshingly Sweet

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Spring nails are yellow, but robin's egg, baby pink, and lilac purple are more popular. But, buttery yellow is becoming increasingly fashionable since it makes you feel happy.

“Yellow is such a bright hue and it simply reminds me of the sun and the smiley emoji,” says celebrity manicurist,

who designed Hailey's original glazed donut nails, her lemonade set, and Sydney Sweeney and Kylie Jenner's nails.

Lemonade nails aren't as vibrant and vivid as the fruit, but they appear like a newly squeezed glass over ice melting in the heat.

Mrs. Bieber liked the look so much she wore lemonade nails—or passionfruit nails—for the tropical picture to promote her latest Peptide Lip Therapy, the luscious Passionfruit Jelly.

The fruity lip cream inspired the first manicure, starting a trend. Celebrity manicurist said Hailey's Passionfruit Lip Treatment inspired her yellow glossed nails.

“I've started getting so many yellow nail requests from my clients and I'm confident it'll be this spring's color.”

Pastel yellow nails are delightful to wear but difficult to paint. When applying polish, use a lighter color to avoid streaks.

Celebrity manicurist thinks yellow is hard to apply. “A white base before yellow makes a tremendous difference.” Paint softly and evenly after your nails are dried.

Celebrity manicurist offers a simple rule to follow when buying or at the salon to choose the right yellow for your skintone. Yellow adds vibrancy.

Celebrity manicurist adds, "If you have warm skin, orange-toned yellows appear better, and if you have pink complexion, green-toned or lemon yellow will stick out more."

OPI's Nail Lacquer ($12) in Don't Tell a Sol, a charming and brilliant sunshine yellow, and Blinded by the Ring Light, a lemon pie pastel, were her Bieber favorites.

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