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Latest Grey Hairstyles for Over 60 Men

Hipster Cut

Shave or trim your sides and grow your top hair. Just comb it back. Rockstar style requires a big beard.

Clooney Haircut

Short hair combed back and a shorter beard will give you sex appeal and refinement. Perfect style. Men want to be George, while women want him.

Cut Hair

We're enjoying beards' moment. Short, subtle, or lengthy beards are available for men over 60. Short hair suits the latter. It will make you look tough.

Wiseguy Look

Shorter hair, sideburns, beard, and mustache complete the look. This manly grey short hair look can provide refinement, which is usually excellent.

Side-Part Haircut

Parting is for all ages. This hairdo suits older guys. For example, mild pomp can rejuvenate grey hair.

Manly Haircut

You're an alpha dude who wants men and women to feel it? This hairdo allows it.Try this short Mohawk with a full beard for grey hair over 60.

Cut Sides

Layers and volume result. Volume is amazing. Shaved sides and short hair can be worn with or without a beard.

Brief Comb

For a stylish new appearance, just comb back longer hair on top. Visit your hairstylist often to maintain length and health.

Wavy Hair

Who says long hair is for younger guys? Over-60 men with long hair are great. Let your grey hair form natural waves to add volume and refresh your appearance.

Slick-Back Hair

You desire a basic hairstyle for an over-60 man? If so, choose this. Simply brushing your hair is enough. This grey haircut is straightforward and functional.

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