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Labrador and Husky create lovely pups!

Beautiful labradors and huskies stand out.
Huskies are distinguished by their steely stare and upright bushy ears, whereas labs are distinguished by their rounder soft snouts and floppy ears.

What happens when you mix them? The solution is excellent in a variety of ways!

Labrador brown eyes are common in certain labs, but husky blue eyes are common in others.

Yuka from Vancouver Island and Ranger, a little pup, have one blue and one brown eye, respectively, whilst Finley, a Labsky, has brown eyes and husky markings.

The ears of these mixed breeds are silky or upright. There are many lovely cases of this unusual breed.

Despite their differences, these gorgeous hounds behave like both parent breeds.
This breed behaves similarly to a husky-Labrador cross.

A Labsky, like a lab, is devoted and loving, but its husky background gives it tenacity.

The Labrador retriever roots of this hybrid breed make it friendly yet unpredictable. A well-behaved dog must be trained.

Labskies are excellent with children. However, these dogs enjoy playing and require plenty of exercise, so don't underestimate them.

This mixed breed enjoys socializing with other dogs. Cats may be unique. They could mistake cats for toys or prey.
If all of this seems too much, consider its more adaptable Labrador parent.

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