Kosas Just Dropped a Makeup-Enhancing Sunscreen

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The Kosas team created a product for SPF haters because even beauty pros struggle to use sunscreen regularly.

"I've always struggled with SPFs," Kosas' founder says. Unfortunately, it blocked my pores, broke me out, or looked bad under makeup.

Kosas's inventor wanted to build something that improved her cosmetics application, not just didn't interfere.

"I wanted it to genuinely improve makeup and provide a silky sensory application experience so you'd look forward to putting it on each day." Silky, lightweight formula complements makeup.

DreamBeam Comfortable Smooth Sunscreen boosts brightness with mineral SPF 40 PA++++.

Mineral sunscreen, the best for sensitive, melasma-prone, and breakout-prone skin, can leave a white cast.

DreamBean Comfortable Smooth Sunscreen's peachy-pink color neutralizes zinc oxide's blueish-white tint.

Instead, DreamBeam Comfortable Smooth Sunscreen glides across skin with reflected qualities for a glowy appearance that may be worn alone or without makeup.

In the "clean" cosmetics market, Kosas is known for making makeup with skin-enhancing actives,

so it's no surprise that the brand's first SPF-makeup hybrid incorporates a variety of skin-care elements.

Ceramides nourish the moisture barrier, peptides smooth wrinkles, hyaluronic acid hydrates, and allantoin soothes. It's vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, like all Kosas products.

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