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KFC's Menu Adds New Chicken Sandwich

On August 24th, KFC Japan tweeted a photograph of two of their new, hearty sandwiches.

On the left is what seems to be a cooked burger topped with a fluffy egg with a runny yolk, some lettuce, and what may be mayonnaise.

The one dressed identically on the right substitutes KFC's iconic fried chicken for the unidentifiable fried patties.

The release date for both sandwiches is set on August 31; beyond that, no more information is provided.

A silhouette with the Sanrio Co. (SNROF) brand sits in the centre of the two sandwiches. The tweet challenges readers to identify the picture's subject.

An egg named Gudetama, who has been welcomed globally for its attitude of unashamed lethargy, may be instantly recognisable to anybody who has

visited a Hot Topic in the previous several years (and who happens to come from the very same cutesy family as Hello Kitty).

Those unfamiliar with Sanrio's global reach may view a cooperation including Gudetama as a deep cut in the United States.

However, in the Japanese market, the character is quite popular. It's possible that Sanrio, another company that took a major blow during the epidemic, might also need some help right about now.

Perhaps the best way to help Sanrio bounce back from the epidemic is to have a sad little egg who looks like it's too weary to exist advertise fried chicken sandwiches.

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