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K-Pop Star Sunmi Transformed Herself Into a Vampire

Sunmi has had several lives in 15 years. All of them combine as the K-pop diva enters the stage on her newest tour stop.

Sunmi is at Terminal 5, a three-level arena in New York City, tonight. An hour before the concert, we interview the male dancers backstage.

Sunmi wears a sparkly spaghetti-strap minidress. Sky-blue contacts juxtapose her golden dark smoky eyes with gold pearls. If you want to mimic her makeup, try these.

Her matte dusty rose lips don't budge while she drinks tea. Peripera's Ink the Velvet in Well-Made Nude or MAC's Powder Kiss Velvet Blur Slim Stick in Brickthrough.

Sunmi's mermaid-like orange hair is no more. Dark chocolate for tour. Tonight, it flows down her arms. Sunmi inspired tonight's style by New York's chicness.

Sunmi's NYC look is temporary. Sunmi will change into a frilly denim dress after a few songs, then a black romper with a diamond chandelier-like pattern and knee-high mesh stockings.

Sunmi's summer song "Heart Burn" charmed fans worldwide. Her appearance was whimsier than tonight's. "I'm nearly a vampire in the video," she says. Sunmi does.

Sunmi will go to bed when she returns to her hotel tonight. "No face masks?" I inquire whether she has any self-care practises. "Rather sleep," she says. Even vampires need rest.

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