In-N-Out's Surprising Secret Menu Item

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In-N-secret Out's menu is poorly guarded. The chain's website calls it Not So Secret Menu.

In that section, you'll discover the Grilled Cheese, 33 and 44 piled burgers, and Animal Fries. Another secret menu item is for your non-human family member.

Few dog owners don't let their canines eat "human" food. In-N-Out understood this and created a fast-food choice safe for all dogs.

West Coast burger chain offers a dog-only secret menu item. In-N-Pup Out's Patty is a flawlessly grilled hamburger patty without toppings, condiments, a bread, or salt.

Dogs love the Pup Patty, which is a fantastic source of protein.

In-N-Out says the Pup Patty costs $1.10 (prices may vary by area).

While this beef patty is suitable for almost all dogs, fast food shouldn't be shared often, despite those puppy dog eyes.

French fries and fast-food cheeses are heavy in fat and can harm dogs' health.

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