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How To Use Liquid Eyeliner

Step 1: Hold your Brush Flat

To begin, make sure the formula in your eyeliner tube is nice and smooth by giving it a good shake.

Holding the brush in a flat position is the most critical step in the process of applying eyeliner perfectly.

It has a propensity to become a mess if you go in with the brush in a straight line.

Step 2: Start from Middle

Start in the middle and drag your way out to the outer corners, getting as near as you can to the lash line as you do so.

Step 3: Create The Wing

To create a wing, begin at the base of your lower lashes and work your way up. Taking this step allows you to check if your liner is of identical length.

Step 4: Add Lash Action

In order to finish off the look, you can either use false eyelashes or apply several layers of mascara to your natural lashes.

Final Look

See! Isn't that a great tip for applying liquid eyeliner in such a way that it looks flawless? It's okay if you make a few mistakes here and there.

The best way to improve is to practice. Therefore, if you keep at it, you won't be long before you're an expert!

If you want to achieve the look of Arabic or Egyptian eyeliner, in addition to learning how to line your upper lids, you should also learn how to line your lower lids.

Creating the illusion that your eyes are larger and more prominent can also be accomplished by lining the bottom lids of your eyes with eyeliner.

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