What You Need

Eyeshadow primer
A nude eyeshadow
Medium brown eyeshadow
Burgundy eyeshadow

Fluffy blending eyeshadow brush
Brown kohl liner
False eyelashes

Step 1: Put on eyeshadow Primer

First, apply an eyeshadow primer to your lids for a clean base. Preparing your lids is essential for lasting eye makeup.

Step 2: Use A Bare Base

Blend a nude shadow that matches your skin tone using a fluffy mixing eyeshadow brush. Tap excess product before putting to the eye.

Step 3: Improve The Crease

Blend a medium brown eyeshadow into your crease with a fluffy brush. Blend colors on your lower lash line, especially in the outside corners.

Step 4: Include Some Color

Focus dark burgundy eyeshadow on the outer corners. Smokey effect: gently stretch it past your crease. Use the same color on your bottom lashline.

Step 5: Make A Gradient

Apply your second-step nude eyeshadow on your lids. Use the nude shadow to soften the burgundy eyeshadow edges.

Step 6: Establish Your Lower Lashline

Waterline brown kohl. To get that smokey look, really smear it.

Step 7: Enhance Your Lashes

Add falsies for a dazzling look. Balance your top and bottom lashes with thick mascara on your lower lashes. Finish your makeup with your other cosmetics!

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