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How To Tweeze Your Eyebrows At Home

You Will Need

Sharp, slanted style tweezers
A creamy eyebrow pencil

Brow shaping scissors
A small piece of wax
Facial trimmer

step 1: Unibrow Wax

A wax strip will remove most of the hair in the center of your brows. Using tweezers, remove any remaining hairs.

step 2: Tweeze Under Eyebrows

Make use of your tweezers to remove any of the coarse hairs that have strayed behind your brows.

step 3: Dark Brow Pencil Your Shape

Use a brow pencil, preferably a very dark one, to trace the form of your brows directly underneath them in the way that you want them to appear.

step 4: Avoid The Line

The trick is to have patience! Precision and care are required while tweezing all of the hairs under the line.

step 5: Trim Time

Put your hair up in a bun using a spoolie, and trim any stray hairs that are too long.

step 6: Clean the Surroundings

Make sure that all of the surrounding regions are trimmed using a hair trimmer. Make sure that they are all spotless and aligned.

According to your own preference, you may either utilize an electric or a standard one. Take utmost caution not to shave off your eyebrows by accident!

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