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How to Treat Your Dry Chapped Lips

The most effective technique to cure chapped lips is to avoid them in the first place. 

The objective is to treat your lips like any other body component. It's best to apply a product shortly after you get out of the shower or right before bed.

Superbalm, on the other hand, has "the emollient component lanolin to soften and fill in the cracks between cells that have died on the surface of the skin.

Apply balm after eating to keep lips moisturized throughout the day.

Exfoliating may be an effective approach to remove flakes, but be careful not to overdo it.

If you notice flakes, my first advise is to give the skin what it needs: moisture. If there are still flakes after hydrating the lips, try light sugar scrapes.

Make sure to follow up with moisturizing products that are thick.

The raw skin that remains must be preserved in order for healing to occur. Choose an unscented alternative if you are sensitive to tastes.

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