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How To Take Care For Bleached Brows

Once your brows have been bleached, it's time to snap images to show them off. 

After that, your bleached brows will require some extra care. Don't worry, you don't need to start a new brow-care routine.

You just have to be extra careful with what you put on your brows since the skin becomes more sensitive and the hairs become brittle after bleaching.

Using a moderate cleanser to avoid creating further irritation to the already sensitive skin.

Although alpha hydroxy acids are not as abrasive, the exfoliant might aggravate already inflamed skin.

To care for those fragile hairs, utilize emollient products and use a clear, nourishing brow gel during the day.

Apply the hydrators from your skin-care routine on your brows at night.

Avoid using products containing alcohol denat since this form of alcohol is drying and can cause further harm to bleached hair. 

You could also consider purchasing a brow serum to help rehydrate & soften the hair.

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