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How to Style a Pixie Cut According to Celebrities

Slicked Down

Begin with freshly washed hair for a glossy pixie. Shine hair with oil. Cover the head with a lightweight gel. To avoid a helmet look, go with the grain and use a delicate touch.


To get Julianne Hough's style, add texture to your hair to grip and maintain your braid all day and night. To get a disheveled look, braid diagonally over the crown.


Razoring the hairline creates feathery smoothness, making short hair feminine. Style using a comb. Hairspray will hold bangs.


A high bun or short ponytail works with longer pixies. Secure with bobby pins as needed. Use a headband and a loose back for shorter pixies.


For straighter hair, blow dry it in several directions using a concentrator nozzle and a flat brush. Accept your cowlick and apply Bumble & bumble Thickening Full Shape Mousse on your roots.

Pinned Back

Apply volumizing mousse to add crown volume. Blow-dry your hair with a nozzle and flat brush. To add texture and volume, dry it. Bobby pin hair back. Keep loudness up.


Always use a good shampoo and shampoo and Curl Honoring Conditioner to prevent flyaway curls. The Curl Empowering Crème Gel can delicately fix the curls without drying them out.


A varied pixie cut may balance other facial forms. Use a root-lifter on air-dried hair. For hours-long height and lift, apply touchable gel to the tips.


Following #8, spike the hair around the crown. Wave Spray and side-comb your bangs.

Deep Side Part

If you have a natural wave, wash and blow dry your hair using a paddle brush. Start combing from the far side. Hairspray a toothbrush and run it through your hair to control flyaways.

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