How To Safely Get Luscious Eye Lashes

To add length and fullness, tweezers glue individual fibers onto natural lashes. A professional aesthetician or cosmetologist should apply 50 to 150 lash extensions to each eye.

What they are

A full set of extensions costs $100 to $500, depending on location and technician competence. Touch-ups every two to three weeks cost $75 to $100.


A hairdresser can change a woman's eyes with extensions of various lengths, thicknesses, materials, and curls.


For instance, women over 50 lose eyelash volume and their outer lids may droop. We can elevate the eye and add volume with multiple-length lashes.

1. Latisse: A nail-brush-style applicator is used to swipe Latisse along the top lash line. Both eyes need one drop before bed.

ways to lash out

The solution will reach the lower lash line since your eye should be closed. Results take three months. Once you stop using it, lashes revert to their previous appearance.

2. Magnetic eyelashes: For a longer, fuller fringe without sticky glue, these reusable false lashes are intriguing. Lids magnetize lashes. Two types. First, two magnetic lash strips.

Both strips snap together after being put above and below your upper lashes. The magnetic strips sandwich your natural lashes.

A magnetic eyeliner is used for the second type. After drying, the magnetic lash strip base is aligned with the liner and placed onto it.

3. Lash lift: This is a perm for eyelash curler-resistant lashes. The base-to-tip lashes are raised. Since lash lifts stretch the hair follicle, Richardson says they can make lashes appear longer.

It can't thicken or dramatize lashes. The process curls lashes around a tiny rod.

A setting lotion "re-hardens" lashes and locks in the curl after chemicals break down lashes' protein links. Curled lashes must be curled again once they shed.

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