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How To Re-Create Nicki Minaj’s Braids

Wrap is the Key

Listen, these cheap paper strips have a lot of power. When your braids start to look tired, refresh them with a setting mousse and this hair wrap.

It will restore your look's original structure and give your braids extra grip.

Get pre-stretched hair

There's nothing like some dramatic butt-length braids, so get packs that are particularly labeled as

pre-stretched to ensure you're getting all the inches you can out of your braiding hair.

Add beads

This aesthetic can be enhanced with knickknacks, y'all!

Hair decorations such as rings, cuffs, and beads on the ends will completely transform your inevitable ponytail flips.

Be gentle on your edges

Because this is a relatively slicked-back appearance, your baby hairs are in the spotlight.

Use a fine edge brush while swooping and styling them. It has soft bristles that will not damage your hair and will effortlessly smooth it down.

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