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How To Prevent Your Makeup From Smudging

Skin Preparation

Before applying makeup, do skincare first. Smudge-proof makeup requires thorough skin prep. Start with a light face cleanser or double-cleansing.

Choose A Face Primer For Your Skin

Choose a primer based on your skin type if you're unsure. Silicone-based primers, for example, control facial oil production.

Prime Eyelids

Consider your eyelids for long-lasting makeup. Oily eyelids can smudge eyeshadow and eyeliner. Avoid such mishaps by priming your eyelids before applying makeup.

Choose a Durable Base

You need a long-lasting foundation to compete with overactive sebaceous glands and dampness. These foundations are full-coverage, long-lasting, and prevent makeup slip-offs.

Concealer First

Avoid applying concealer to your problem areas before foundation. Applying makeup over concealer creates a spotty mess that needs urgent touch-ups.

Skip Cream Contour and Blush

Non-transferable foundation products last longer! Cream makeup slides off greasy skin. Matte, powder-based blushes and contours look natural and glamorous.

Loose Powder Bake

Instead of compact, use loose powder to set your base products. Our All Set To Go Translucent Powder delivers an instant photoshop-like gloss.

Priming Spray Your Base

Apply a priming face mist after creams. Smooth everything out with a beauty blender. You now know how to wear long-lasting, natural, glowy makeup!

Waterproof Eye Makeup

Ladies, waterproof eye makeup lasts all day and night. To combat shiny eyelids, rain, and work stress, use water-proof, smudge-proof eye makeup.

Non-Transferable Lipstick

Creamy matte lipsticks endure all day through rain, shine, and kisses, preventing smearing.

Blotting Paper

Blotting sheets, a classic beauty staple, can prevent makeup meltdowns. Add blotting papers to your beauty kit now.

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