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How to Nail A Matte Eyeshadow Look

Preparation Is Crucial

Prepping the skin for cosmetics is essential. Eyelids have the thinnest skin. It must be hydrated, smooth, and able to hold whatever substance swiped across it.

To prep, I use concealer and loose powder. I used eyeshadow primers before, but some left an ashy tint on my darker-skinned customers' lids and didn't help blend shadows.

A Neutral Base

Start with a neutral lid flush. Matte makeup palettes usually comprise two neutral colours that match your skin tone or are taupe.

This foundation shade, also known as the transition shade, blends everything on top. 

Light-to-Dark Technique

A smoky eye starts with brighter colors in the inner corner and moves to darker hues. Matte eyeshadow is applied similarly.

Fill In

Darkening it will provide depth. Color preference is up to you, although color theory can help.

Brown and blue eyes appear best with neutral browns, golden tones, or specific reds, while green eyes look best with plum and burgundy

Cut Crease

Matte eye makeup's signature? The cut crease.

You're making that region of your eye pop with matte shadow, which might be flat. Focusing on the crease will enhance your eye form.

Eyeliner and mascara enhance your eyes

Finish your matte makeup look! Apply shadow pencil on bottom lash line. Add shimmer if you can't help yourself.

Mascara on your top lashes will enhance your eyes. The soft glam eye makeup will be complete with longer, defined lashes.

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