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How To Make Pores Smaller With Makeup

What You Need

Finishing Powder
Makeup Brushes

step 1: Get Your Skin Ready

Wash your face with a mild, oil-free cleanser. Remove dead skin cells and microorganisms with an alcohol-free toner or micellar water.

Lightweight, moisturizing moisturizer. Select one with Salicylic Acid to minimize pores. After moisturizing, wait five minutes before priming.

step 2: The Importance of Priming

Use your fingertips to apply a little pore-minimizing primer in circular motions on enlarged pores.

Next, press your fingertips firmly and gently pat the primer-applied regions. This smooths the product and evens out your skin.

step 3: It's Time to Build Your Foundation

Apply foundation to pores using a little stiff brush. Use this brush to cover the pores with your foundation formula.

After this, stipple other areas with a foundation brush.

step 4: Use a powder to set it

Apply setting powder with a puff. Fold it in half and press hard to deposit powder into pores. Lips and eyes finish the look.

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