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How To Look Glamorous With A Bowl Cut

Long, blunt bowl cuts evoke old style

Vintage is the most glamorous. But Audrey Hepburn elegance isn't necessary. Why not revive the finest of eccentric '60s style with a long, glossy bowl cut?

This mod staple's circular silhouette lends charm to every ensemble. This style is difficult to dress down without looking frumpy.

Sharp edges modernize

Razor-sharp edges might update your bowl cut. Request a bowl cut with sharp, defined ends instead of gentle waves. This sharp design highlights your bone structure.

Side-swept bowl cuts add movement

This bowl cut is one of the easiest to tone down, making it ideal for anyone who wants to test the style without wearing over-the-top outfits every day.

Platinum gives a luxurious look

Let's face it: Platinum-blonde hair can make any haircut appear costly, especially the controversial bowl cut. A pale blond or silver bowl cut is easy to dress up.

To safely go platinum blond, there are a few things you should know. Avoid bleach-fried hair to achieve a stunning bowl cut.

Glam, refined, and sultry

A trendy bowl cut often depends on your outfit. Thus, doubling down on glam elsewhere can instantly glamourize the cut.

Apply sensual makeup, get a lovely manicure, and wear a sexy, powerful attire to make your bowl cut the star of your outfit.

It's avant-garde with a mullet

Mullets are "business in front, party in the back." A bowl cut and mullet make a stylish haircut. This strong hairstyle exudes confidence.

Dramatize your bowl cut

Bowl cuts appear mysterious with strong brows. Adding diamonds to your brows or bleaching them until they disappear can give a touch of opulence to your bowl cut.

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