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How To Grow Out Your Bangs In 6 Easy Steps

trim regularly

This seems illogical. You don't want to cut your bangs since you've invested in them. This is essential for hair development.

Get cuts every 2-3 weeks, use less heat, and get a weekly hair treatment to grow out bangs.

lock your hair moisture

Moisturizing your hair prevents damage and promotes healthy growth. If you don't frequent the salon, your color-treated hair may lose texture.

Train your bangs

It may feel like your bangs are always battling you, but they can be controlled. Show them who's king by sweeping them into a curtain form that shows them where to develop.

After a shower, blow-drying them keeps them out of your eyes and flatters your face. For a non-sticky hold, add gel to damp hair at the roots of your bangs.

do creativity with clips

As your bangs develop, they will slip out of ponytails and stick out everywhere. Vintage barrettes may hide mid-length bangs and update your outfit.

Gel your bangs behind your ears and add tons of stacked bobby pins for a 90s vibe. It's fashionable and functional.

Braid away worries

Once your hair is longer, braid or twist those troublesome bangs at the hairline to hide the uneven length.

Grow your hair gracefully with this style. Keep your braid tight to trap those pesky short hairs. For all-day cuteness, pin or spray it.

Embrace the wisps

Parisians love wispy curtain bangs, so attempt this style. Pull some ponytail strands to overlay your bangs for a beachy, sloppy appearance.

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