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How To Get Emma Stone's Hairstyle

Red Hair

Emma Stone, a blonde, seems redheaded. Her auburn hair complements her fair complexion. Try this blazing color on fair skin and features.

Blonde Hair

Emma Stone's naturally light hair has been bleached platinum blonde. Instead of platinum or white blonde, try this Stone-inspired blonde to get the look.

Brown Hair

Emma Sone demonstrates that pale females may have black hair. She also has copper-colored brown hair. This color will rejuvenate your hair.

Black Hair

Emma Stone has thick, luscious black hair. It changes her from the nice girl next door to a mysterious and attractive malevolent lady. Try this Met Gala 2016 Goth style.

Short Hair Bob

Emma Stone's choppy bob is lovely, flirty, and conservative. Textured bobs are simple to style and maintain on a daily basis. They also improve hair health.

Long Hair

This preppy look is achieved by blow-drying your hair with a round brush. On dry hair, begin with a large curler.

Straight Hair

Straight hair is incredibly versatile. Straight hair is fashionable, appealing, and simple to style. First, prepare your hair for this style.

Hollywood Waves

This great look does not necessitate the presence of an attractive celebrity. Use a round brush and heat protection before blow-drying to increase volume.

Loose Waves

Emma Stone's huge bouncy waves are achievable with fine hair. Blow-dry your hair using a round brush to add volume. After drying, add waves with a curler or flat iron.


DIY updos are simple and stunning. Wash your hair the night before for improved style.  Soft, untamed clean hair is difficult to style. Large barrel curlers curl hair ends.

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