How To Get Cotton Candy Hair

A bleaching kit (if you have dark hair.)
Clips for sectioning Hair dye
An old shirt
Applicator brush

You Will Need

Plastic bowls
Color protecting shampoo and conditioner
Petroleum jelly

1. Use 2-3-day-old hair. A few days after washing, your hair's oils will lighten faster. Brush out tangles.


2. Apply petroleum jelly along your hairline with gloves. Mix bleach according kit instructions.

3. Section your hair. Start with the bottom hair and clip the top. Hair bleach the lower layers. Avoid spots by applying an even coat.

4. After bleaching the bottom layers, bleach the clipped-off higher layers. Leave the bleach on for the prescribed period. Wash any burns immediately. Hairwash and condition.

1. After you've lightened your hair, choose some cotton candy colors to work with. Working with freshly washed yet unconditioned hair.


2. Untangle your hair with a brush or comb. Put on your gloves and apply petroleum jelly to the hairline.

3. Fill plastic basins halfway with hair dye. If you want a multi-colored look, use different bowls for each color.

4. Use two bowls for ombre hair with a single hue: one with completely pigmented dye and one with color that has been diluted with conditioner.

5. Apply the color in stages to your lightened hair. Wait 30 minutes after applying the dye.

6. Use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.

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