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How To Get A Full Feathery Eyebrow Look

step 1

Analyze your brow contour and tweeze all the superfluous hair surrounding your eyebrows. Feather brows look great on natural eyebrows, so don't overpluck.

step 2

With a spoolie, gently brush your brow hair upward. This stage reveals your natural gaps.

step 3

Fill your brows with our Brow Definer or Brow Pen. The three-pronged brow pen applicator simulates real brow hair. The brow definer perfectly defines your brow for a fuller look.

step 4

Start filling natural gaps with your brow product. Remember your hair growth direction. If you fill in the opposite way, the product will gather and look unattractive.

step 5

Arch Arrival Brow Powder, draw a form that matches your eyebrows. Enhance your eyebrows with this. Apply in the center, then upward and outward.

However, additional will make it dark. Newbies will love this miracle product because it works quickly. Since you already have thick, bushy brows, don't overdraw or overapply the product.

step 6

Finally, use a lightweight concealer to fix any brow issues. Our Magic Wand Waterproof Concealer erases mistakes. Blend concealer with foundation.

Our best-selling Grand Finale Matte Setting Mist sets your look. That's how to wear this brow makeup style! This trend is versatile and fashionable! Be creative with this look!

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