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How to Gel Cure Press-On Nails?

step 1

Put on sunscreen with a broad spectrum on your hands at least half an hour before exposing them to ultraviolet light.

In addition to this, you might protect the skin on your hands and fingers by donning a pair of UV gloves that do not cover the fingertip area.

step 2

Prepare your nails in the same manner as you would for a manicure by filing, pulling the cuticle back, and hydrating the cuticle. This should be done for each nail.

step 3

The process of "roughing up the nail" and the underside of the augmentation is recommended by certain manicurists in order to

provide greater surface area that can be adhered to. Since doing so might cause the nail to get damaged, I usually omit this step.

step 4

Apply the nail bonder or adhesive to the nail plate, and then apply the gel to the underside of the press-on nail extension.

step 5

Apply the press-on to the nail by pushing it down and making sure there are no noticeable gaps or bubbles in the application.

step 6

Cure the nails with UV light for thirty to sixty seconds. 

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