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How To French Braid Your Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Tools You’ll Need

A hair elastic
A comb
Texturizing spray
Bobby pins

Step 1: Prep your hair

French braiding starts with a simple comb-through. Braids hold best on unwashed hair.

Step 2: Section your hair

Start at the hairline and form a triangle with hair from above your temples to the crown. Next, divide this huge portion of hair into three smaller ones for braiding. 

Step 3: Start your braid

Cross the left hair across the middle like a three-strand braid. Repeat with right portion.

After these first crosses on both sides, you may start weaving your French braid with hair from the outside.

Step 4: Grab hair as you go

Keep going, but add little chunks of hair from both sides. Since you want to control every step, don't take more hair than you can handle.

Step 5: Secure your braid

Leaving two inches of hair unbraided and securing with an elastic.

Wrap a thin strand of hair around the elastic band and attach it with a bobby pin or under the hair tie to disguise it. Spray hair. 

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