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How To Dress To Look Slimmer

Layer It Up

Simply debunk this misunderstanding. Layering does not add weight, contrary to popular belief. Layers define your figure. It also conceals your body.

Make Black Your BFF

Your clothing must be all black. I know you favor cool whites and pastels, but try to stick to dark and black colors.

Body Compressors

Shapewear will save you. It helps to decrease belly, hip, and thigh fat. It also helps you lose weight. Invest while being thankful.

Jeans with a high rise

High-waisted jeans make you look slim, tall, and tuck in a lot of fat. They must be black, elastic, and ankle-length.

High-rise jeans also lengthen the legs, making them appear slimmer. Purchase a pair that fits and feels comfortable. Please, straight-cut high-rise jeans!

Wearing on the Inside

Avoid sloppy bras and thongs that draw attention to muffin tops. To conceal obesity, use elastic, high-rise underwear and a bra with no bulges.


Accessorize with necklaces, earrings, scarves, watches, and other statement pieces. It conceals defects. Consider belted shapewear that is black, large, or sleek.

Patterns and prints

Dresses with vertical patterns and deep necklines make you appear smaller and taller. A-line or ruched waist dresses round out the look. Empire waistlines lengthen and thin you.

Separates that match

Matching separates instead of sets is one of the tricks. Dark colors such as black, blue, gray, and others.


It helps to wear a flowing top with form-fitting slacks. Try the opposite, but only if your midriff hurts. Body-hugging clothing is likewise unsuitable.


Finally, poor posture will devastate everything. Take note: it has an effect on your silhouette.

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