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How To Do Tightline Eyes

What You Need

Eye primer
Angled eyeliner brush
Black gel liner or black eyeshadow
Eyelash curler

Step 1: Ready Your Eyes

Start with clean hands and face. Apply pea-sized eye primer to your lids. This prevents eyeliner from smudging and cosmetics from fading. Let the primer dry before continuing.

Step 2: Dark Circles Covered

Choose a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Dab the formula on your dark circles, let it sit and gradually blend it out.

Step 3: Tightline Your Upper Waterline

Black eyeshadow or gel liner on a damp, angled eyeliner brush. Brush bristles should be pigmented enough. Raise your chin, glance back, and hold your upper lid with a Q-tip.

This will clarify. Looking down, push the shadow between your lashes. Wiggle the top waterline with your brush held vertically. Apply liner wherever you have lashes to make them appear thicker and lush.

Step 4: Lower Lash Line Definition

Push pigment under your lower lashes. Tightline half to two-thirds of your lash line from the outer corner. This simple step enlarges your eyes.

Step 5: Clear the Mess

Remove smudges and mistakes with a Q-tip dipped in water-based makeup remover. After your liner sets, curl your lashes and apply a lot of volumizing mascara.

Luxe lashes! You're undoubtedly in amazement now that you understand tightlining and how effortless it is.

This tiny eye makeup alteration may change everything! These tightlining tips will help you whether you want to experiment or commit.

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